Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Medium Parenting

There's been a lot of talk in the media in recent years about parenting styles: attachment parenting, being a "helicopter" parent, using Baby Wise methods, being a "crunchy" mom, etc. And every time the media talks they bash one side or the other.  So I'm proposing a sort of "happy medium parenting."  Too bad I can't write a book on it and market this idea, but really it comes down to something I recently read on another blog and that is basically the idea of loving your kids unconditionally and wanting what is best for them. 

Me?  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I cloth diaper (except when I don't), I breastfeed (as long as I'm able to), I baby wear (love my Ergo!).  But I also allow my girls to receive most of their vaccines, I feed K on a schedule for the most part (minus the whole middle of the night thing), and I don't co-sleep (at least not very often or intentionally) And you know?  I really like our "happy medium" approach and it works for us.   

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