Monday, December 3, 2012

Burkina Bound...

Wow!  It's been quite a while since a new blog post...approximately 2 months.  I never was very good at this whole blogging thing. And for a while I was in contemplative I make this blog more "serious" in the sense of pouring lots of hard work into it to make it a more frequently read blog, have giveaways, etc or do I just write about life as it happens so I have a record of it for Bugaboo and Doodle and for me?  I'm leaning towards the second.  However, we have a pretty exciting announcement over here.

For a while now, (about 2 years), Jarrod and I have contemplated taking a trip overseas to serve alongside missionaries we know living and serving in Africa.  When this possibility was first discussed we were planning on visiting friends in Kenya.  However, they have now come home and we still felt that we were being led by God to go somewhere.  Then a friend who I met 9 years ago when we served together in Zambia moved with her husband and 3 children to serve in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  In the past year we have also gone through David Platts' (author of Radical) study on the Book of James and really felt we wanted to make an eternal impact on the kingdom.  So I e-mailed Annie to see if they would welcome visitors (they've only been in Burkina for 5 months).  My e-mail was met with a resounding "Yes, we'd LOVE to have you!" And so the process began.  Fast forward 2 months and we have received final approval from Matthew and Annie's sending agency (we are now enrolled with them, as well, as short-termers) and will be buying plane tickets this week to head to Burkina Faso. 

I'm sure you (all 3.2 of you who read this blog) have questions, but to answer the biggest question in your minds- Yes, we're all going...all 4 of us.  Yes we're taking Bugaboo and Doodle who will be alomst 3 and almost 1 at the time of the trip.  Yes, we might be about half crazy, but we feel that we're to go as a family.  Plus Annie's youngest 2 are just a few months older than Bug and Doodle.  So that's our news...exciting, exhilerating and just a tad bit scary...okay, maybe more than a tad.

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  1. That's so exciting!!! I hope you have a great trip. I know it's going to be a life-changing experience. for all of you, even if your littles won't remember most of it.