Monday, September 17, 2012

For the Love of Carbs

I love carbs...pasta, bread, name it, I enjoy it!  I've always enjoyed eating a slice of good bread (though I'm not a big sandwich eater) and so when I stumbled upon a local place (you can read about my love for all things local back here)  baking naturally leavened bread (no yeast) in a brick oven, I needed to find out more.  I read the blog of a friend of a friend and her blog directed me to McGrath's Brick Oven Bakehouse.

Located in Mechanicsburg (so only about 30 minutes from my house), McGrath's is in the beginning stages of opening a wood-fired brick oven bakery in South Central Pennsylvania.  Currently, they're using a brick oven on their patio until all of the red tape gets worked out, but their naturally leavened bread (no yeast, also known as sourdough) is DELICIOUS!  I get their e-mails every week, decide if I like the bread(s) they're offering that week, place my order via e-mail (does it get any easier, people?) by Thursday, and pick up the bread on Friday evening.  This was the first week I was able to make it work to get there to pick up bread and let me tell you how wonderful it was!  I was handed my bread in paper bags and they were still warm to the touch!  I deeply inhaled the scent of the fresh 7-grain bread, made with as many local grains as they can get their hands on.  I thoroughly enjoyed serving this preservative-free, sugar-free bread to my family and they couldn't get enough of it either!  Can't wait to see what breads are offered this week, but I'm pretty sure a stop at McGrath's (currently their garage) will be added to our Lovin' Local Fridays after we make our stop at Eastern Market.  And if any of my friends in real life (who live nearby) want to try some, feel free to come on over.  I'll warm it up, slather some butter or jelly on it and we can sit and enjoy knowing exactly what we're eating and where it came from.

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