Wednesday, August 1, 2012

16 Years Later...Another Gold!

It seems I do my best blogging late at night after I have stayed up way past my bedtime (and everyone elses' in my household) watching the, there won't be nearly as many blog posts once the Olympics are over because I will be in bed at semi-normal times and won't have the chance to blog.

I started this post last night right after the Fab/Fierce Five claimed their Olympic gold medal in Women's Gymnastics Team Competition and I stayed up way too late to watch it.  Jarrod encouraged me to watch it online ("Kor, you know it's not live, right?"), but my only response was that I watched the Magnificent Seven win the gold sixteen years ago and I was going to watch the Fab Five win it now.  I didn't expect him to understand because as a 13 year old boy he certainly wasn't glued to the television as Kerri Strug vaulted on an injured and ankle and Bela Karoly cheered "You can do it!" (in Romanian accent) from the sidelines.  But he tried and I appreciated that:)

Maybe it's the fact that I always wanted to be a gymnast (as so many American, Russian, Chinese little girls do).  Maybe it's the fact that I sit and watch in awe as they flip through the air and miraculously land on a piece of wood 4 inches wide.  Maybe it's just the American patriotism in me, but there was no way I was going to turn off the television and miss it.  I will say, however, that I felt quite old as I watched Gabby, Jordyn, Ally, McKayla, and Kyla.  Some of them were less than a year old when the Magnificent 7 won the gold 16 years ago...crazy!  I did some research to see where the Magnificent 7 were now and learned that they are married, have kids, are pediatricians, etc...yep, I officially feel old.  Even so, there is a sense of pride when our country brings home another gold medal and so I'll continue to stay up late, enjoy the human interest stories in between the action of the Games,  and get teary-eyed as our anthem plays and the American flag is raised until the very end.

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  1. If I were closer, I'd stay up and watch with you! As it is, I seem to stay up late browsing the headlines to see what I can glean of the happenings. Gymnastics is definitely one of my favorite, nostalgic events, too, and I remember Kerry Strug and the Manificent 7! I think I first started to feel old when I started realizing that all those athletes that are on TV all the time are all younger than me now... They always seemed larger than life...heroes...and aren't heroes always supposed to be older than us? Makes me think about whose hero I might be... ;) -- Flo